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Still have no pc but internet

Ok so I am still fighting with the owner who took my pc.

I am trying to get everything that I had on my old pc and save it on my PS3. It's a hassle because some stuff I managed to find from 4chan.

I am hoping to get another laptop by the end of this week, hoping.

The taobao guide I can just download and redo that but the Cancel a Format is going to be tricky. I have to re find the patch and re download the script program I used to translate the stuff.
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Delay Delay Delay

My computer was stolen recently.

What happened was that the charger port broke inside of my laptop and I took it to the repair shop and they 'vanished.'

Because I didn't make a backup to any of my files, I have to do everything all over again.

Thankfully I uploaded the TaoBao guide so I can download that and make a copy, but my translation for Cancel a Format I have to do all over again.

So it's going to be slow since the only thing I can buy at the moment is just a netbook for basic internet surfing.

Right now I'm stuck to using library pcs.

Really pisses me off.
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Tao bao beta version 1

Finally got off my butt and did part of the TaoBao guide. It's about 15-25%(?) done and a long way from being finished.

My goal is to eventually have:

20-30 different anime/manga tags
/CGL/ and lolita in general tags

Links: (ODT) (MS Word)

When I do another update I'll upload them
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Getting distracted by anime and manga

I thought that I would finish the TaoBao guide in a week or more.

Boy was I wrong.

The delay is because I am using each single character for searching and double checking to make sure they work. Also since Taobao hates Firefox/Chrome, I have to keep reloading it again and again to make sure they work. There is another flash browser that works with Taobao but I don't feel like installing that just for one thing only.

Also the Cancel a Format translation is getting delayed because I am reading manga. Sumomomomo Momomomo to be exact. I was enjoying it until they introduced a new character....and I RAGED SO HARD.

Seriously this guy is better than the main character besides having quirks and being part of the big bad. If Monoko was with him he would had been a LOT DIFFERENT and even more badass bishonen than the main character. I think they just put him there just so that him and Mr. Domo could have an epic ass character development battle or he realize how much he loves Monoko.

REALLY PISSES ME OFF because I like my harem/ecchi manga without extra fail drama. I don't mind girls->one guy (with the exception of Ichigo 100%, which is another story,) But this....the main treats the girl like shit, she takes it, suddenly a better guy comes along and he gets treated like shit because 'OMG I AM HIS WAIFU,' and the guy suddenly has a change of heart. WTF?

Blah I still like the manga so going to just make hentai fanfiction as my personal ice cream.

Tl;dr my stupid rant: I'm going to do the translations eventually. Delay because of personal issues.
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Translation project going ahead

I finally have the game Cancel a format so I am starting to translate it. It's a long and tedious progress but I am hoping to get something done out of it.

Progress images will be posted here and my progress information will be posted on the Acen forums under Fujoshi.

I'm still writing fanfiction fyi but I kinda lost my muse.

I might not be able to go to an anime con until 2012 x.x;
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Still doing projects: distracted

Been playing Persona 3 FES rather than writing/going on 4chan and I rather like it.

The only problem is when I have to deal with two situations at the end of school and have to pick one or the other one >.< Like 'Why do you do that!!!!!'

I am still doing the Taobao/Hetalia projects but finding work comes first and relaxing than anything else.

Still have a good summer.
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Translation projects

Yes I am translating and doing two projects:

*Taobao beginner's guide
*Cancel a Format Hetalia

The Taobao might be done this week but the latter is going to take forever because I don't 'personally' own the game. It cost about 48 bucks on J-list but I wanted to buy a few other things with it, such as shimapan and food drops, so it would run close to 100 dollars. Not only that but my Japanese is limited. I am determined to do it or at least make a txt. format translation

Cosplay wise I am doing: CD Russia, BOF 3 or 4 Nina, and Rolling girl Miku. I might do Matryoshka Miku but I haven't made up my mind yet. I already have too many ideas in my head for cosplay.

I want a vespa....really badly. Saving money is tight right now.
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Still trying to translate crap.

It's a slow process; backlagged from trying to finish all my fanfiction. I have about 10-20(?) stories that are still on my cpu.


Preparing for Acen 2012; haven't figured out final cosplay outfits yet. Kinda annoyed due to lack of money, rise in scams, and just general nonsense.