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Никакие солнцецветы здесь! Пойдите прочь!

18 May
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"дьявол солнцецвета"

Basically trying to cope with being a lot of things. Weird kind of writer, since I have a thing for making random and crack goodness pairings; anything from Air gear to Ashxrandom pokemon, no pairing is too gross for me! (unless it's snuff....) BUT! I hate common pairings but I can deal with them, such as Sasunaru ^_^

Also watching various animes and manga, fan of way too many shows, (voltron, paranoia agent, naruto, Under the Bridge etc. etc.) and I usually space out a lot ^^ I have a habit of being nice to everyone and helping out everyone, so you may get something from me one day. I will be a manga-ka!.....eventually.
● Sabaku-Lotus ●